Thanks for your interest in Olive Treehouse Montessori School.
We hope you’ll explore our website and visit our growing school to see our innovative learning environment in action.
Our website has been put together to give you an insight into what goes on atOlive Treehouse Montessori School. We have tried to include as much information as possible in this website; hopefully it will answer many of your questions about the school.
Olufunmi Ojo
Olufunmi Ojo – Head of School
We look forward to developing a successful home – school partnership, which will provide the best possible support for your child’s development.
What makes us unique? We work hard to ensure our pupils not only achieve high academic success, but also excel in the 21st century skills necessary to navigate the world as thoughtful global citizens.

Here at OTHS, it’s all about doing what is best for the children. Our program is filled with many exciting innovative activities and workshops for our children and their families. Our team of staff are experienced and passionate about children.
Join us as we ignite the love for learning in your child and together, we will raise a total Child.
Please visit us or contact our help desk by phone or e-mail and we will be glad to answer all your questions. You will be made very welcome!

Olufunmi Ojo
Managing Director/ Head of school


Olive treehouse Montessori School is a community of children, parents, teachers and staff, dedicated to the joyful discovery of each child’s innate capabilities and potential. We provide a warm, supportive and personalized environment for children from infant through sixth grade.

By creating a prepared space designed to meet the developmental needs of each child, we encourage the free exploration of that space. We give children the opportunity to engage their whole personality.


Our community of educators inspire and nurtures children to become global citizens by promoting their desire to learn. The philosophy and methods of Dr Maria Montessori, in harmony with other compatible and innovative practices provide children with the ability to be active participants in their learning.


Welcome to the world of a child. It’s a world of wonder and discovery. Where chairs are small and learning is as big as a child’s imagination. Where door knobs are lower and children reach higher. Here, children lead the way and follow their natural talents beyond the ordinary, as they fall in love with learning in a child’s world.

OTHS approaches teaching and learning by focusing on each child’s individual potential, talents and level of development. We employ the classic Montessori Method throughout our Early Childhood Programme. Individual and small group lessons are given in multi-age classrooms. Study materials reflect varying multiple levels of understanding and students are encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Classrooms are thoughtfully prepared with child-size materials and teachers guide children’s choice of work during uninterrupted work cycle. Sensory-motor activities using Montessori materials are the predominant form of learning at the Early Childhood level.

At OTHS, it is not just about doing what is most efficient; it is about doing what is best for the child.